Why object to Council's plans?

Congestion & Loss of Amenity

A high standard sports facility like this will be a magnet to sporting teams, which will result in the ovals being used all weekend, every weekend, and every night each week, thanks to the AFL competition standard flood lights. Needless to say it will attract many more people to the area. This means casual park user's amenity will be severely reduced. If you drive to Elsternwick Park you will struggle to find a car park anywhere nearby on weekends and evenings (from around 4pm).

Traffic & Car Parking

Car parking is already an issue at busy times for both casual park users and adjacent residents. Upgraded and dedicated sports facilities will attract many more people to the area, including players and fans. This will result in even greater pressure on car parking, flowing into the streets that run perpendicular to the park. The additional car parking which Council plan to create on New Street will cause traffic congestion, particularly in the evenings when New Street carries a constant stream of traffic. It will also bring more cars into neighbouring streets with people looking for a car park.

Noise Pollution

We all know how noisy a football game is, with players yelling to one another, the referee's whistle, sirens, and of course fans. When football is being played in the Elsternwick Park North ovals, it can heard from the Head St side of Elsternwick Park South. This is highly detrimental to all who live adjacent to the park, and possibly even those who live in the streets behind the adjacent streets.

Light Pollution - Environmental Impact

Bayside Council has previously rejected even low level lighting along the footpath through the centre of Elsternwick Park South due to environmental concerns about the impact on birdlife. So how can Council even consider 50-100 lux lighting on two ovals near a lake with abundant bird life?

There's also the problem of light spill into residential homes adjacent to the park.

Destruction of open space

Elsternwick Park South is a beautiful piece of uninterrupted open parkland that is unique in the Northern Ward of Bayside. It is treasured as such by many local residents in Brighton, Elwood and Elsternwick. Buidling fences, lighting towers and a pavilion would destroy this unique public space

Needs of a growing population

Population density in Bayside, and indeed all of inner Melbourne, is increasing steadily, as larger family homes are replaced with apartments or other multi townhouse dwellings. People living in this higher density housing need open space for recreation. There are many young families who use Elsternwick Park South, and it's also a great space for walking dogs and socialising. One in every three homes in Bayside own at least one dog.

What they haven't mentioned (or thought of)

  • SYNTHETIC TURF! almost all Sydney Councils already have or plan to, install synthetic turf on some of their ovals - it triples the usage time. If Bayside Council put synthetic turn down on the ovals for which they are upgrading the pavilions this financial year, it would solve the availability problem now and quite some way into the future. It's a no brainer. Here are some relevant links;
    - SMH: Synthetic fields exploding in popularity for councils and sports clubs
    - AFL Community: Synthetic Turf Surfaces
    - A local example: Wyndham City Council - Saltwater Reserve

  • Large nets will need to be installed at either end of the oval on the Elwood side of the park to stop balls hitting the houses that back onto the park or ending up in the lake. These nets may be a hazard for birds taking flight from the lake.
  • The cost! While they have mentioned a development cost of $4 million (probably end up being $6M), they haven't mentioned who picks up the tab for the maintenance and electricity costs for lighting, and the pavilion.
  • Then there's the inevitable reduction in Council Rates revenue from all the neighbouring residential properties that are devalued (conservatively estimated by a local real estate auctioneer at 10% reduction)

What action can you take?

CLICK HERE to see how you can object

Contact Council and object to this plan before 11:59pm 17th August 2018. You don't need to be a Bayside Resident to object!