If you don't want to lose your beautiful park, you must act!

Things you NEED to do before midnight 17 August 2018 (when "Consultation" ends).

Note: You do NOT need to be a Bayside Resident to object!

  • Click here to email  all Bayside Councillors (it is vital they know your objections).  Register your concerns about the impact on you as a park user, and/or as a local resident, and also register your concerns about the poor communication from Council. NB: If the mail link doesn't work in MS Outlook try this one  
  • Click here to email Liberal Candidate for Brighton and Elwood, James Newbury and make it clear that you object for Council's plans for BOTH ovals.
  • Visit the Council information page  take the "quick poll" then scroll down the page and comment in the four Discussion Forum sections (added on 13th July)  Please take time to tell Council what you think!
  • Register to speak to Council on 19 Sept!
  • Don't worry, you will be in good company!
  • Make sure everyone know's what's going on! (AKA doing Council's job for them!)

Other things you can do

Can you help with the campaign? Email us