What has Bayside Council done?

Despite strenuous objection from many local residents, ratepayers and park users, more cost effective alternatives, and a petition signed by almost 4000 people against development of ovals at Elsternwick Park South, on 19th Sept Bayside Council resolved to do the following:

  1. Reconstruct Elsternwick Park (South) Oval 4 into a AFL Oval 165m long by 135m wide (all flat land on the New St side of the park);
  2. Install four 30m high light towers with 100 lux lighting (like daylight);
  3. Construct a sports pavilion in the middle of park

This will cost Bayside ratepayers $2.83 Million plus ongoing maintenance costs.

The following Councillors voted in favour of this: Crs Laurence Evans (Mayor), Clarke Martin, Rob Grinter and Crs Alex del Porto, Michael Heffernan, both for the North Ward!

Crs Long and Castelli voted against

What's the problem?

  • It doesn't even solve the problem for the sports groups, who say they need two more ovals
  • It's a terrible fiscal decision with appalling cost vs benefit (very wasteful use of ratepayers funds)
  • Part of the basis for Council's decision, was a "needs assessment" that was inexplicably "confidential"!
  • Council's own figures show that this oval is already used for 12 hours per week in winter, therefore, based on Councils desire to use natural turf ovals for a max of 25 hours per week, we are paying $2,830,000 for 13 hours extra playing capacity.
  • That's over $217,000 per hour weekly playing capacity, PLUS ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Councillors had been presented with an alternative option using AFL/CA approved synthetic turf at an existing facility, which added 50 hours capacity at a cost of $33,000 per hour, and considerably lower ongoing maintenance costs

The alternative option proposal, with justification, can be downloaded from here (it's a PDF document hosted in Mega.nz cloud strorage)

What are we doing about it?

Friends of Elsternwick Park South are looking at options to convince Council that there are alternatives that are better for everyone!

Watch this space for more information, or email us at update@elstypark.com